Staff profile - Jan Dickerson

Name: Jan Dickerson.
Job Title:  Accounts & Office Manager.
First Started:  I have worked here since November 1994, starting as a part time accounts assistant, working around school hours.
Areas Covered: Management of the Accounts team, giving help and guidance where necessary and ensuring the team works well together. Ensuring our accounting system operates correctly for month end statements and relevant procedures. Bacs submissions. Credit control and dealing with problems is key for a not for profit group such as SF. I am the point of contact should Brigitte be away from the office.
Describe SFL in 3 words: Value for money.
What first attracted you to SFL? I moved from Bedfordshire to Kent in March 1994,  as my husband had a job relocation.  Once my children had settled into school, I saw an advertisement for a part time accounts assistant at Rother Valley Farmers and thought ‘sounds interesting’. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive as I had little knowledge of the farming community, but I was offered the position by Helen Evans, then General Manager and I haven’t looked back since in 25 years.
What are your hobbies? I love painting when I have the time, fitting it in with a full time job and busy weekends can be an achievement in itself. The problem is that once I start a painting, then everything else around me is abandoned resulting in a rather chaotic array of clutter that get pushed to one side until the piece is finished! I really enjoy flower arranging and have organised various weddings, which included the bouquets and venue displays – stressful but satisfying once completed.  Don’t we all just love a holiday, me, well that’s cruising.  Not to everyone’s taste but the idea of taking in a snippet of another country’s culture to find one that is interesting enough to revisit for a full holiday fits for me. I believe that you must make the time to go away on holiday and switch off from everything – it helps to keep me sane!
What's your favourite meal? That’s a little hard as I have a very sweet tooth so puddings are forefront(and no teeth left by the time I reach 70 I think), in which case banoffee pie is so scrummy. Otherwise, it has to be a steaming hot Sunday roast with all the trimmings – lovely for a Winters day.
How do members contact you?  We’ve come a long way since pigeon post or snail mail and digital is the way to move on so member’s do email me quite often at with queries. However, there are those that prefer to call to discuss their queries as some like an answer there and then.