Staff Profile - Val Britton

Name: Val Britton.
Job Title:  Accounts & Electricity Administrator.
First Started:  My husband saw the job advertised in May 2004 and encouraged me to apply. It was a job in purchasing – which I didn’t get, but I was asked if I would be interested in a job in accounts. I started part time, working 5 mornings a week, but after a year I was offered full time to help with the electricity. I said yes, to which Jan said I was mad!!!
Areas Covered: Electricity, reconciling supplier accounts, and the paying of suppliers at month end.
Describe SFL in 3 words: One happy family.
What first attracted you to SFL? The job is local to our farm, and my background in farming made the job very appealing to me.
What are your hobbies? I quite like gardening, but my husband thinks I kill more plants than I produce! I also spend my free time looking after my grandson, and meeting up with my family.
What's your favourite meal? Roast lamb with a cheesecake for pudding.
How do members contact you?  You can call me on 01580 241401 or email me at