Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently get asked similar questions - the things that matter the most to our current and potential members.

This page compiles these Frequently Asked Questions for your reference and convenience.

Q: How Do I Join?

Just complete the membership forms and return them to the Southern Farmers office. You will then be visited by one of our directors, all of whom are working farming members, and they will explain how the group works and evaluate if you would benefit from the group membership. The application will then be voted on by the board of directors, when approved you will receive your membership pack and member number.

Q: I already have direct accounts with some suppliers, will I benefit from joining?

Due to the volume of goods put through our suppliers account, your discount through Southern Farmers should be greater due to the groups buying power.

Q: Do I have to place all of my orders through the Southern Farmers office?

No, you can call the office and ask a member of the purchasing team to source quotes and place the order, or you can book goods directly from our suppliers quoting your Southern Farmers membership number, other than fuel, which due to Customs and Excise regulations has to be ordered through the Southern Farmers office.

Q: Am I able to purchase all my requirements through Southern Farmers Ltd?

We normally say that we can deliver all goods except groceries, including your electricity, landlines, mobile phones etc.

Q: Do I have to buy in bulk

No, there is no minimum order value, however with some products such as fuel and feed, suppliers do have a minimum delivery quantity. However, the company does run bulk buying schemes for certain products.

Q: Would savings on my purchases through the Southern Farmers Ltd make membership viable for me?

If you spend in excess of £3,500 - £4,000 per annum it is worthwhile you becoming a member.

Q: How much does it cost to be a member?

Annual subscription is £125 + VAT. Paid in two 6 monthly instalments.

Q: Am I able to join Southern Farmers Ltd?

If you are actively enaged in agriculture you can apply for membership.