About Us

Southern Farmers Ltd. is an agricultural buying group with a membership in excess of 1000 and is a mutual co-operative operating as a non-profit making organisation.

Our sole purpose is to act as buying agent for our members, who own the company and to benefit them by negotiating the most advantageous terms possible with group suppliers.

The key to a successful Not For Profit Buying Group is successful supplier negotiation, a professional level of administrative skills and an excellent level of service to its members.

Agricultural Purchasing Groups operate to procure goods and services for their members at preferential prices and to provide a simplified administration process to their farmer/grower member.

The Groups do not make a margin from the products supplied but charge a nominal administration fee for providing a purchasing service to their members. The fee is charged to cover the cost of operating the group. SOUTHERN FARMERS Limited currently charge an annual fee of £125 to its full members and a range of invoice charges between 0.35% and 2.5% based on the products group involved.

Agricultural Purchasing Groups are registered either under the Industrial and Provident Act or as Limited Companies. Members either hold a share of the company or have signed a guarantee as a qualification of membership. Membership is strictly controlled and is only open to farmer/growers who are subject to various credit checks and must be of good standing in the locality. SOUTHERN FARMERS Limited is registered as a Limited Company and its membership is by guarantee not by share.

Agricultural purchasing groups are generally mutual, not for profit co-operative businesses, organising deliveries solely on behalf of their farmer members and processing suppliers and member invoices on a back to back basis.

Groups do not hold stock or take title to the goods. They work with suppliers who hold stock and make deliveries to the members. SOUTHERN FARMERS Limited act as an agent for its members but underwrites the purchase to its suppliers.

The following describes how SOUTHERN FARMERS Limited makes a purchase on behalf of a member.

How would Southern Farmers make a purchase on my behalf?

  1. Your order is either placed by the group office to the supplier or by yourself who can book directly to your membership account
  2. The supplier delivers (or you collect) your goods and the supplier sends the invoice to the group office
  3. The member is sent a monthly statement with all invoices listed and original invoices attached to the statement
  4. The group collects payment from you for all invoices generated
  5. The group pays the supplier

Meet The Team

Brigitte Fifield