Become a Supplier

Join the largest agricultural buying group based in the South East.

How Will Southern Farmers Benefit My Company?

Access To Our 1200+ Members

You will gain access to our 1,200+ members with a variety of requirements. From building to fertiliser, animal feed and even kitchen sinks.

Guaranteed Payments

We guarantee payment to our suppliers.

A Dedicated Accounts Team

Our accounts team are here to assist you with member queries, your dedicated contact will keep an eye on your account to ensure a smooth running.

Free Promotion

Free promotion to our members via our website. We have a dedicated supplier portal allowing you to upload your latest offers.

How Can I Apply?

It is completely free to become an approved supplier, all we need is a brief description of your company emailed to our supplier liaison.

From there you application will be considered, and we will be in contact to discuss it further.

Contact us here to find out more.

Contact our Supplier Liaison

What Is Required to Be an Approved Supplier?

We ask that suppliers are able to offer preferential terms to our members. This can be offered through a variety of methods, such as a percentage off each order, our supplier liaison will be happy to discuss this with you.

Secondly, our payment terms are strictly end of month following invoice date. Please ensure this is acceptable with your accounting system.


Southern Farmers does not change or alter the price of your invoices. We charge a small admin fee separate to the invoice to cover our costs.

No, we process each invoice to our members accounts and they receive the original invoices with their Southern Farmers statement.

We accept invoices through the post, or via email.

Each member is given an order number to use when placing orders. This should then be quoted on the invoice so we know which account to process the invoice to. Failure to do this could mean we cannot process your invoice for payment.

Absolutely, providing you take their SF member number beforehand, you can feel free to quote our members directly rather than through the office.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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