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Metal Recycling:- A Greener Way To Make Waste Pay

Metal recyclers can help Southern Farmers’ readers generate revenue and safeguard the planet, according to EMR’s Managing Director Ian Sheppard


If the UK is to achieve its world-leading target of reaching net-zero by 2050, the role the agricultural industry will play will be crucial. Farmers will need to rely on a network of partners that can help them do this in an environmentally – and financially – sustainable way.

“As the industry focuses on decarbonising its operations, phasing out fossil fuel-based machinery and embracing new, more efficient farming methods, metal recyclers can ensure that material from obsolete or worn-out equipment re-enters the supply chain and doesn’t end up in landfill,” says Ian Sheppard, Managing Director at EMR.

EMR is a global leader in metal recycling with a more than 70 years of experience, and its own ambitious goal to reach net-zero by 2040.

Its commitment that ‘no job is too big or too small’ means it can recycle everything from a drinks can to a US Navy aircraft carrier – and anything from threshing machines to tractor parts from UK farms.

The nationwide company operates several sites across the south – in Ashford, Erith, Mitcham, Newhaven, Portsmouth, Rochester, Shoreham and Southampton – making it quick and convenient to deliver items of every shape and size to its depots.

“In addition, our collection service means that we can come to you! Meaning not only are you sustainably recycling materials but your business operations remain unaffected,” adds Ian.

And, because EMR understands the value that recycled metals play in the emerging circular economy, it not only accepts this unwanted material, but pays a competitive market price for it too.

“The metal that might be collecting dust on your farm has the potential to be used in the next generation of green farming equipment. Our mission is to process it, clean it and get it back into that supply chain,” says Ian. “Because of this, it has a value we can pass on to you.”

EMR’s unique payment system means there is no waiting around for that payment for long periods of time, once payment has been received by Southern Farmers the credit will be on your following statement.

“Recycling is inherently good for the environment. Yet, just as the farming industry confronts a period of transition to more sustainable practices, metal recyclers are also changing,” Ian says. “Whether we’re processing ferrous metals such as iron and steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper or tin, we’re investing in new low-carbon electric equipment and innovative processes to meet this challenge.”

At a time when many farmers are looking for new revenue streams and facing higher costs, items that were once seen as either worthless or a liability can now generate much-needed financial return – all while providing an important net benefit to the environment.

“As farmers across southern England focus on meeting the demands of a changing economic and environmental landscape, EMR is ready to help your farm thrive,” says Ian.

Visit your local site today and speak to our friendly team who can help you make more from your materials.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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