Privacy Policy

Any additional information required under the privacy notice that is not included in this statement can be requested from the Southern Farmers company secretary, Brigitte Fifield.

Personal information requested on the Southern Farmers membership application form is obtained from the applicant solely to facilitate the running of account facilities with the buying group.

Credit references are sought and logged against the application from referees named by the applicant. Application forms and references are shared with the board of directors to support the membership application. Delivery addresses, contact details and business opening hours are shared with our group suppliers to enable deliveries to be completed. No sensitive data is processed or held by Southern Farmers about our members and all data stored about any member can be inspected by that member if so requested. Order and account details are stored by the company for the statutory seven years required for accountancy purposes and are then confidentially destroyed. Data is not shared directly with any parties in third countries or international organisations other than when UK based suppliers to Southern Farmers import goods to be invoiced through the group or when they also have internationally based partners. Southern Farmers believes this to have no impact on our members data security as details are shared only with the office or depot receiving and dispatching the order.

Southern Farmers does not track members online or by any smart device or by combining data sets.

Southern Farmers does not profile members but does manage the membership database by grouping into relevant categories of farming, i.e. sheep, dairy, arable, fruit etc.

Southern Farmers strives to provide information in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible format using clear and plain language.

Southern Farmers regularly reviews its privacy policy and will inform members of any changes before putting any new data processing systems in place.