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What Are the Benefits of Membership?

Efficient Billing

Every invoiced processed to your account will be sent out in one monthly statement. Log in (coming soon!) to view your account in current time, log any queries or contact our accounts department.

One Monthly Payment

Payment is taken at the end of the month following the statement date, by direct debit. We then pay all the suppliers on your behalf - saving you time!

A Knowledgeable Purchasing Team

Our purchasing team are here to assist you with your enquiries, and source you the best deal. We are always working with suppliers to ensure we are offering the best service to our membership.

Our Experienced Accounts Team

Our accounts team process all the invoices to your account, and are available to discuss any queries you may have. This ensures your account is kept up to date and hassle free!

Access to Our 500+ Suppliers

We have set preferential terms with our suppliers, offering goods such as fuel, fertiliser, building or even ready-mix. When approved as a member, you are issued with a detailed handbook displaying our suppliers, and how best to contact them.

Join Our Likeminded Community

Whether it be a hello at one of our trade stands, an email asking for help or an advert for harvest workers, there is always someone who is willing to assist. We're incredibly proud of the community we have here, and will always do our best by our members.

Become a Member

To become a member of Southern Farmers please download the application form below and once completed return it to us here at the office.

Still have questions? Contact us here we’ll be glad to help.

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How Much Does It Cost?

We charge £62.50+vat twice yearly, which is taken with your monthly direct debit.

A small percentage (between 0.35% – 2.5%) is charged on each invoice processed. This has a minimum of 95p and is capped at £25. This ensures that you will never pay more than £25 for any invoice, no matter the value.


Watch a quick video in which our chairman answers key questions you may have about joining.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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