*New* System Update

Dear All,

As i’m sure you are all aware, we launched our new system on 1st October, unfortunately, the addition to the website is taking a little longer to sort than we had anticipated.

We are hoping we are finally nearing the finish line, and have reached the final stages of testing. All being well, this should be ready to go in the coming months. We can only apologise for the delay.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no historical billing entered onto the website, so if you need a copy invoice or statement from the past few months you will still need to contact the office.

If you’re not sure about anything, or if you need a little more information then drop Brigitte an email at brigitte@southernfarmers.co.uk.


Need to speak with us?

Contact us directly any time at enquiries@southernfarmers.co.uk or call on 01580 241401.