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2022 & Southern Farmers Ltd

I thought I would start our first blog of 2022 with a brief outline of what 2022 looks like for the office, the company and most importantly, you.

The Company

Over the past few months we have said goodbye to two directors, with Andy Barr and Charlie Munn both leaving for their own reasons. Both have played a huge role in the development of Southern Farmers, and we are eternally grateful for their time and support. We wish them all the best for the future.

With the departure of two very key figures, we are once again looking for members interested in becoming a director. If you would like to know more about the role, or to pledge your interest, please email brigitte@southernfarmers.co.uk.

Now perhaps the most interesting part, and possibly the part you are reading this for is for an update on our new software. I am pleased to announce that 2022 will see the launch of our new system! Yes, you will at long last be able to view your accounts online, log queries, and retrieve copy invoices without the need to call us at all *if you wish – you know we’re always here for a chat if you need!* The SFL team is incredibly excited, and proud of the system we have been working on – which will enable us to assist you even more efficiently than we currently are!

Brigitte, Florence and I are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response to our new website. We’ve enjoyed visiting your farms to taking pictures for use on our website, and also using photos supplied to us *see below* through our photography competitions. We’ve just launched our next one so do take a look at this months newsletter to find out more.

The Office

There are some changes afoot in SFHQ with the departure of Florence from our accounts and website team who leaves us in April to take on a new role within her family business, Charity Farm – who i’m sure many of you are familiar with. We wish her all the best for the future, and good luck on her new adventure!

In addition to this, Claire Doe will begin her maternity leave in June as her and Matt are looking forward to welcoming their first baby. It’s been 5 years since our last SF baby (Rosie Budd & Margot) so we are all very excited and cannot wait to meet the new arrival!

So what’s new for you?

Aside from the new system which we know you’re waiting for with bated breath, there are a few changes ahead for you that will affect how you farm. As of the 1st of April there are huge changes to rebated fuel – which i’m sure you’ve been reading up about in the press. It’s incredibly important that you read up as much as you can about this topic to ensure you are using your fuel correctly. I’ve spent the morning reading through the below article which goes a little way to make sense of this very murky area. It seems there are varying opinions depending on which part of the HMC&E website you read and what sector you work in. Rest assured that we are reading up daily on the topic (thoroughly riveting) and the moment we know more we will let you know.

http://Fuels for use in vehicles (Excise Notice 75) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Unfortunately, this change in legislation will result us requiring a new RDCO form which we hope to send out shortly. This will ensure that everyone is covered and correctly informed regarding their fuel deliveries, we will require these forms back as a matter of urgency, and appreciate your co-operation with this. The rush isn’t due to preparation on our part, we are regularly asking for updates from the team that cover the RDCO but at the moment they are unable to source the required information for us but are working hard on it.

On a brighter note SHOWS ARE BACK! Sarah and I managed to attend the grand total of 7 shows over the last two years, 1 in 2020 and 6 last year. We cannot wait to get back out and see everyone again, and set the world to rights over a cup of tea in the glorious sunshine. If you’re not sure where to find us, please take a look at our events page which has all the local events on it, or look in your February newsletter. We will, as always, provide you with a short write up about each show afterwards, we hope to see you all there.

As we look back over the last few years, we’re so grateful to all our membership for their continued patience and support. We look forward to sharing this exciting year with you, and would like to wish you all all a successful farming year. May your lambs be healthy, your yields be high and the sun remain in the sky.


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